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Our team built Buy Zeta White website to help world learn about about this safe and natural skin lightening beauty product, which is made by Helpful Cosmetics Limited based out of the UK. We are not the official website for Zeta White. We bring to the forefront information about the product and help web users find what they're looking for.

We're also conducting research studies and collecting statistics about the popularity of skin lightening in the beauty and fashion scenes. If you have insider knowledge about skin whitening trends please contact us we'd love to hear from you!

Skin lightening is a practice which is gaining traction worldwide. In fact, recent statistics show that 77% of Nigerian women use a lightening product for aesthetic purposes. In India, lightening is very popular and 66% of beauty products contain some kind of lightening agent.

Women around the world are looking for a safe, effective alternative to skin bleaching. We want to help provide better options for you, with a combination of 3 gentle, yet effective products designed to lighten in a very natural way.

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June 15th 2019 we will be publishing our skin lightening trends report. If you're able to help please contact us!